Merry Christmas


This is a problem that we as Catholics are trying to change. I speak on behalf of all The Catholic Churches and all The other Christian faiths as well.

We want this email to say "Merry Christmas"...it means so much to those of us that celebrate Christmas. 

This is a major holiday on the Christian calendar and for Christians, much as Hanukkah is for the Jewish people and Kwanzaa is for those who believe in that holiday, and Ramadan is for those people who celebrate it. You sent an email wishing Happy Hanukkah and it was not offensive to me but Happy Holidays when it is Christmas is offensive. Please say "Merry Christmas" to all the Christians in your contact list on behalf of our beliefs. 

It is time for men of all religion to respect and agree to disagree when it comes to our respective faiths. Maybe, then there can be true peace on earth.

I do hope to see this printed in your editorial and to have a new email and print paper declaring this for us.

Merry Christmas!

Thank You,

Eileen Metz

On behalf of Concerned Parishioner's from St. Joseph's Church , St. Joachim, and Our Lady of Good Counsel of The Five Towns.


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