College Student Launches Civic Organization for Hewlett, Woodmere

Members and officers sought for new group.

Seeing the large number of vacant stores in Woodmere spurred Jeremy Rosenberg to seek a means to get his neighbors more interested in local issues.

The 20-year-old junior at GW University recently launched the Hewlett Woodmere Civic Association with the hopes of getting people to come out and discuss the vacancies, the county’s police precinct merger, storm preparedness and other things affecting the neighborhoods.

“I thought to myself that our community needs a soapbox outlet,” said Rosenberg, a Woodmere resident and 2010 Hewlett High School graduate. “We need some sort of organization that can talk about local civic causes.”

The civic organization is in its earliest stages, and Rosenberg is seeking members and officers to serve on its board with a launch sometime this summer. Anyone interested can email him at Hwcivic@gmail.com.

Rosenberg also seeks cooperation with other local groups, such as Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association, Five Towns Community Chest, Inwood Civic Association and Nassau County Civic Organization.

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Neither Hewlett nor Woodmere have a village government, so Rosenberg hopes that the Hewlett Woodmere Civic Association can help put a “face and name to the community,” much like Cedarhurst's mayor and trustees.

“I hope in time the civic organization adds some strength,” he said. “It’s two communities but it has one heart. I’m hoping for joint growth and joint prosperity.”


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