Cedarhurst Eatery is Up for Sale by Owner

Former fish restaurant stays vacant for more than a year.

The owner of Cedarhurst's , who closed his doors about 16 months ago, is looking for a buyer for his store, with an asking price of $100,000.

"The store is very clean and all the equipment is top of the line," he said.

Bari Omari, of Hewlett, opened his kosher fish restaurant at 140 Cedarhurst Avenue after successfully launching a similar restaurant in New York City. Although he wouldn't elaborate, Omari stated that the location in the city was doing much better than the one in Cedarhurst, which stayed in business for about six years. Omari has lowered the purchase price since he originally put it on the market over a year ago.

"He didn't have enough business," said Larry Greenspan of Cedarhurst Fashion Optical, which is next door. "Even though it was a good place, evidently it didn't get off the ground. It did well at times, but business wasn't consistent. Also, it was expensive."

However, Faye Klausner, co-owner of on Cedarhurst Avenue, said she feels that the prices were fair considering the high quality of the food. She was a frequent customer who said she misses the place and that a great fish restaurant was fairly unique to the neighborhood.

"He had a really nice outdoor area set up with umbrellas for the summer," Klausner said. "It was the closest thing we had to a Manhattan-style restaurant in the Five Towns, maybe because he owned a restaurant in the city. I would love for it to remain the same type of restaurant."

Bojames May 07, 2012 at 01:06 PM
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5TResident May 08, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Where are the people who claim that 5T Jews only support their own? Here's one they didn't support. King David is gone now too.


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