Hewlett Lemon Tree Moves Out of Five Towns

Mill Road salon now vacant.

The hair salon in Hewlett recently moved to East Rockaway, taking many of its clients with it, but leaving an empty space behind.

“A lot of our customers have already moved with us to the new shop, and we hope to get some new customers too,” said owner Sasha Ramsaran. “I moved from the Hewlett location, because it was a bigger shop than we needed, and the rent was very high. Now I have a place that is the right size. It’s a little smaller, and the rent is more reasonable.”

According to Dan Ramirez, the lease agent from Serota Properties in Valley Stream, the business wasn’t doing well, although he couldn’t speculate as to why.

“I’m not sure what happened over there,” he said. “But, they weren’t paying the rent towards the end.”

Ramirez said that the owners of the storefront want $3,300 a month rent for the 1,200 square-foot store, which is located at 407 Mill Road. He said that it has only been vacant for a month or so and expects to close a deal with a new tenant fairly soon.

“It’s a really good location,” he said. “That street sees about 30,000 cars a day. I think it’s going to flip pretty quick. We have several people interested.”

As far as a new tenant goes, the owners would be happy with a similar type of store, but they are very flexible.

“They would prefer a beauty parlor, but they’re open to any kind of mom and pop business,” Ramirez said.

A couple of employees from neighboring Mill Road Cleaners agree, although they wouldn’t mind seeing a nail salon move there instead, something they claim is lacking in the immediate area.


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