Two Neighboring Stores Become Vacant in Hewlett

Clothing boutique and makeup salon now empty.

Two adjacent businesses, Rouge Beauty Bar and Missfit Boutique, closed down about two months ago, after less than a year in Hewlett.

The owner of Rouge Beauty Bar worked at Pravana Hair Studio just prior to opening her makeup salon across the street at 1190 Broadway, and then recently relocated her shop to Cedarhurst. The vacancy is 800 square feet, with a monthly rent of $1,400.

The women’s clothing shop, located at 1188 Broadway, carried an eclectic assortment of dressy apparel, workout clothing and accessories. The 700 square-foot store is going for $1,200 per month for rent.

“They’re very nice stores,” said building owner Mickey Nizry, of Solid Homes Realty. “Both of them have new heating and air conditioning systems. There is plenty of municipal parking nearby.”

However, limited long-term street parking is a problem on that stretch of Broadway, according to Lucy Mayerowitz, who owns Yesterdays Goodies, a business she runs within the store.

“You are only allowed to park for one hour,” she said. “If you park longer than that, they give you a $110 ticket. I can see $35 for a ticket, but not $110. It’s terrible.”

But Nizry says that the high-traffic location of the stores would be a plus for a variety of different businesses.

“Either of them would be good as a retail store or small office like an insurance company or an accountant,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mayerowitz has her owns ideas about what kind of business is lacking in the area.

“This part of town could really use a nice ice cream shop,” Mayerowitz said."Kids walking around town would love to have a nearby place to get a cone. We could even use a nice hat shop around here.”

M. Blinn August 20, 2012 at 11:19 AM
Quality and customer service trump the parking situation.
Fred Usherson August 21, 2012 at 10:35 AM
If you do the math, you'd have to sell at least 400 ice cream cones @ $3 a cone per month just to pay the $1,200 rent and electric bill (assuming $300/month) to pay for the freezers running 24/7. This does not include- the ice cream, related supplies, insurance and water utilities. Then, you have the competition with the well established frozen yogurt store nearby. How many people buy ice cream in December- April? All things considered, this would be a tough business. While the hat business does not as much overhead costs as an ice cream store, just look around and how many people do you see wearing hats? Aside from Easter, I think that would be a tough business to maintain too.
Fred Usherson August 21, 2012 at 11:10 AM
Correction: 500 cones per month just for the rent and electric!


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