Daily Stache's First Half Mets Report Card

Giving each player a score in terms of performance at the All-Star break.

The grades are in and The Daily Stache’s first half report card is in. All grades are final and there is no extra credit. That goes for you too Mr. Schwinden. If you ask again, you’ll get DFA’d.

These grades are the average grade given by members of the Stache. The comments will remain anonymous to protect the bloggers from possible physical harm from members of the Mets.

Josh Thole C+  - "178 AB’s and only 10 RBI’s. Not the type of production you are looking for from your starting catcher. At least he can catch the knuckleball."

Mike Nickeas D+ - ”He’s only on the team because he hits right-handed and doesn’t cost anything.”

First Base
Ike Davis C- – “He’s hitting .200 now, which is a huge accomplishment. Actually has more RBI’s than Curtis Granderson or A-Rod.”

Second Base
Daniel Murphy B- – “Murphy finally started heating up recently, but compared to last season, he’s been just mediocre.”

Justin Turner D+ - ” Hasn’t provided much off the bench besides for being the AJ Burnett of the Mets (A.K.A. Mr. Pie in the face).”

Jordany Valdespin B- ”Besides a few big errors while playing out of position, JV has been a big help for the team in limited opportunities and has a bright future.”

Ruben Tejada B+ - “Jose Who? Consistently getting deep into counts and playing outstanding defense. Has done everything he has been asked to do.”

Ronny Cedeno C – “Has done a lot of filling in at SS and 2B and his OBP has been surprisingly adequate.”

Omar Quintanilla C+ -” Did some solid work while Tejada and Cedeno were out. Perfect stopgap.”

Third Base
David Wright A+ -” MVP caliber season”

Jason Bay D+ - ”Best thing he’s done this year is sit on the DL so we can make sure his option doesn’t vest”

Kirk Nieuwenhuis B- - ”Nieuwenhuis has cooled down considerably since the tear he started out on. He’s still an asset on defense, though”

Lucas Duda B – “Still on pace for 25 homers and around 90 RBI’s. Still needs a GPS in right field. Reminds me of a poorman’s Adam Dunn.”

Scott Hariston B+ – “Scotty’s success might be the most pleasant surprise of the season.The lefty killer has been invaluable to a lefty heavy lineup.”

Andres Torres C/C+ – “His right-handed side gets a B, his left-handed swings get a D, average them together and sprinkle in his above-par defense and you get a C+”

Mike Baxter A- – “Risked life and limb for Johan’s no-hitter and was incredible off the bench before getting hurt.”

Starting Rotation
Johan Santana A – “I was unsure if Johan would even make it to the All Star Break this year, but he hasn’t missed a single start and threw the first no-hitter in Mets history. Easy grade.”

R.A. Dickey A+ - ”Talk of the league, fastest knuckleball in MLB history, 9.23 K’s/9 inn., potential candidate for CY Young Award. Radickeylous.”

John Niese B/B+ – “I was a little worried about how he would pitch after getting that contract extension, but has been rock solid all season long.”

Dillon Gee B – “Perhaps the biggest surprise on a staff full of them, Gee’s command of the strike zone in 2012 has transformed him from a fringe No. 5 starter to a solid mid-rotation arm.” Just learned tonight he might miss the rest of the season with the blood clot issue in his right shoulder.

Chris Young B – “Who would have thought how important this guy would be. Same surgery as Johan, comes back sooner and is essentially the same Chris Young. Just amazing. Where would we be without this guy?”

John Rauch C/C+ – “Jon has been victim of some bad luck, but he hasn’t necessarily been good either and his bad spots have come at the most inopportune moments.”

Ramon Ramirez C- – “In my view, the biggest disappointment of the season, Ramirez was supposed to stabilize the pen and instead has been one of it’s most inconsistent parts.”

Miguel Batista F - ”Robinson Cano should have used Batista in the Hr Derby.”

Bobby Parnell B+ – “He just might be starting to “get it”. 100 mph and straight isn’t as good as 95 with good movement. Hopefully he’ll wrestle the closer’s job away from Francisco.”

Frank Francisco B – “Despite taking years off of Mets fans lives with his shaky situations, he has converted on 18 of 21 save chances.”

Tim Byrdak B+ – “Comic relief in the clubhouse and eats up lefties on the hill, hard not to love the Byrdman.”

This piece was written and submitted by Scott Ilowite. For more information on the New York Mets, check out the Daily Stache here. Also, follow the Daily Stache on Twitter by clicking this link.

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charlie sheen loves the yanks July 14, 2012 at 08:11 PM
Mac July 14, 2012 at 09:05 PM
John Massaro you are kidding right? Juicekee?DId you forget these guys...Guillermo Mota, Felix Heredia, and Scott Schoeneweis tested positive. In addition, the Mitchell Report lists Paul LoDuca, Lenny Dykstra, David Segui, Josias Manzanillo, Todd Hundley, Matt Franco, Mo Vaughn, Chris Donnels, Todd Pratt, Mike Stanton, Mark Carreon, Paul Byrd, Gary Matthews, and Fernando Vina. Then the rumors of Piazza have been around forever. Didnt Radomski have NY Met connections also? Please save it or did you forget those guys. To think that Madoff investments didnt hurt your team is fooling yourself. Go enjoy them play because you cant win in most arguments with Yankee fans you just dont have the history. Lets see them come back for a win today and watch RA Dickey win a cy young which would be the greatest story of the baseball season.
quinnloves the yanks July 14, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Thanks Mac well said!
Michael Ganci July 15, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Please keep the comments clean. Thank you. MG
John Gruber July 16, 2012 at 06:57 PM
the yankees are a multi-billion dollar business. they can afford to pay their players $150million to be has-beens if they wanted to. And they'd still win because they for the most part make good signings. The mets tried splurging and did it when them a championship? nope


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