Civic Concerned Jet Noise Jitters Spreading Through Nassau

Members of the Inwood Civic Association fear that other communities' complaints may result in more planes flying over area.

It’s an all too familiar fear for Inwood’s residents: Increasing air traffic over neighboring areas may give rise to an altered jet pattern with more planes flying through already crowded skies over the area.

Inwood Civic Association members said at their meeting last Thursday that although the same problem has lingered over the community for the last 30 years, nearby towns and villages in Nassau County are getting some first-hand experience of the jet noise dilemma — and they don’t like it. The FAA has recently altered air traffic routes around JFK Airport, which have led to more planes flying low over communities that are in the path of current landing and take off patterns, members said.  

“The people of East Williston, New Hyde Park, Mineola and others towns are all coming to the meetings due to the noise they never had before,” said board member Roy Meserole, referring to the Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee, or TVASNAC, which meets monthly at Lawrence Village Hall. “We’re lucky our residents have a representative at those meetings, because the other places don’t."

Association Chairman Tony LaFerrara is also aware of the nearby grumblings. “The other areas have complaints about landing, not taking off," he said. "When the planes reverse their engines, it’s much worse.”  

As far as noise from JFK, residents can barely put up with the current levels and they don’t want another change in air traffic that could result in more jets over Inwood.

“We’ve gotten less in recent times because they fanned out, but the take offs are still loud," Meserole said. 

Association members plan to monitor the TVASNAC meetings for any changes at JFK.

Thursday night’s agenda also included the annual Citizen of the Year Award Dinner, scheduled for March 24, 2012. Since 1962, the Inwood Civic Association has selected a resident or organization for outstanding service to the community. Contact the association for further details about nominations.

The Inwood Civic Association next meets on Nov. 3 at 8 p.m.


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