Inwood Civic Mulls Election Issues, Jet Noise

Civic association members share what's important to them as the Tuesday vote approaches.

The Inwood Civic Association's meeting on Thursday turned out to be a forum on political concerns as residents prepare to vote on Tuesday.

Here are some members and their thoughts:

“I’d have to say local traffic is a problem. Lately it’s gotten worse. Also, taxes, because that affects the cost of everything, from rent to food.” — Association First Vice President Pinny Ackerman

“My wife is waiting for a dual organ transplant and there are only about fifteen surgeons in the country that can do the operation, so healthcare, when we can get it, has been important to us. It’s a full-time job just taking care of the paperwork." — Wade Phelps

“I’d like to see the residents of Inwood have a larger voice in government. There are a lot of voters in Inwood. With a larger voice, I think the area and how we’re treated would improve greatly.” — Civic Chairman Tony LaFerrara

Jet Noise

Of course, with Inwood’s proximity to JFK Airport, air traffic is always on the civic's agenda and Thursday evening was no different. What has changed are the above Nassau County. More jets are now flying at a lower altitude over towns and municipalities that aren’t used to the noise.

The Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee, or , is a local group that monitors the impact of aviation noise on the thirteen villages within the Town of Hempstead that are most susceptible to the airport din.

“The goal has always been to share the burden of noise,” said longtime association member Roy Meserole. “Right now Garden City is taking a big interest. The crowd at the last TVASNAC meeting had really grown and the FAA was there with about 20 people.

“They’re going to move the meetings from Lawrence to maybe a larger high school,” Meserole added. “The jet noise has been going on for 40 years and I don’t think anything’s going to make a difference."

The TVASNAC meets the fourth Monday of each month at . The Inwood Civic Association convenes on the first Monday.


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