WATCH: Inwood Native Shoots Short Film on Sandy's Devastation

Video shows damage to homes, and one house that was torn down after storm hit.

Robert Martin, a Lawrence High School graduate, returned to his hometown of Inwood after Superstorm Sandy hit to document the damage left in its wake .

He shot and edited his footage into a seven-minute film, "Inwood Diaries," and put it on YouTube (above) so others could see the devastation left behind by the storm.

“I wanted to help my friends out,” Martin told the Nassau Herald. “I have a lot of roots to Inwood and I’m still proud to be from there.”

Martin, who graduated high school in 1990, currently works as a cameraman and editor for the Manhattan-based Indemand LLC.

Carmela Soprano December 12, 2012 at 05:00 PM
If it weren't for neighbor-helping-neighbor, these small pockets of communities would be in even worse shape. Inwood was hard hit, along with Meadowmere Park, yet everyone talks about being left out and onto themselves because services weren't available nearby. No announcements, no door-to-door other than FEMA and nobody knows where to turn next. There still are homes that haven't been mucked out! Jim Darcy walked through the area on the second day, but nobody from the county or town since then have been through. The cold and mold are getting to all of them!


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