Letter to the Editor: A Thankful Thanksgiving

The superstorm has put this holiday in a different perspective, writer says.

This letter was written and submitted to Patch by Bob Block

There is nothing better than the aroma of Mom’s Turkey filling our warm home on the morning of Thanksgiving. This year, Thanksgiving 2012, has a different flavor for many of us.

As we recover from the storm, we face many challenges. Thankfully, there are no reported fatalities in our area, but there are certainly far too many families who have lost personal belongings and suffered major damages to their homes that they do not even know where to begin to rebuild. I only hope that our neighbors can take solace in the fact that our community has shown that they care and has come together to offer a helping hand in this time of need.

We at Five Towns Community Chest hope that all of our neighbors find some joy in this Thanksgiving no matter what condition your home might be in. We all have our health and a spirit and ability to rebuild. Take an extra helping of gravy and prepare to use your strength, because tomorrow you will continue to put the pieces back together as we all help each other to move forward.

Enjoy the greatest family day and be thankful for what we have, our families.

Bob Block, Executive Director
Five Towns Community Chest


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