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Can I Take Pictures in an Open House?

The short answer is maybe.

With cameras in almost all phones nowadays, one question I am being asked more and more as people are viewing homes is, “Can I take pictures of the house?”

The short answer is maybe.

The longer answer is that it depends on the home and the situation.

If the listing is one of mine, there are typically 12 to 24 pictures online along with a visual tour showing all aspects of the home. So unless the picture is of a specific item or fixture, I typically say no — you can see the pictures online or I can email them to you. However, if the home is vacant and empty, I have no problem with prospective buyers taking pictures.

If the home is listed by another agent, my answer would be different. If the homeowner is home, I would ask if they mind pictures being taken. Some do and some don’t. If the homeowner is not home, I would ask the listing agent if it is OK or not. Once again though, if the home is vacant and empty, pictures are typically OK.

Why this policy, you may ask? There are agents and homeowners who feel this poses a security risk. Others think it just invades the privacy of the homeowner.

That being said — what pictures should a buyer NOT be taking? No pictures should be taken of:

  • Personal items of the homeowner
  • Close up shots of any personal items
  • Anything that might be used to test security
  • Pictures of family members

If you have any questions on buying or selling a home please contact me.

Donna Galinsky
Five Towns Real Estate Guide
Pugatch Realty Corp

Tricia Paul March 06, 2012 at 05:39 PM
great info!
Donna Galinsky March 06, 2012 at 05:53 PM


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