Letter to the Editor: Stop the Sanitation Mafia

Woodmere resident says district workers need to be replaced.

This letter was submitted to the editor by Annie Frenkel.

Thanks for this article (). While it appears that I am in good company, it does not help resolve the underlying issue, which is the undeniable theme of nepotism in the department of sanitation.

This incestuous business helps breed inept, arrogant, unappreciative, negligent, and in some cases, hostile workers. If these jobs were reassigned to the thousands of unemployed and starved men heading impoverished homes instead of these entitled degenerates, then there would be no problem.

I have had countless conversations with George Pappas to no avail. I am not smiling today nor will I be until this sanitation mafia is relieved of their duties and reassigned to those who want to do what they actually need to be doing: Pick up our garbage.

Annie Frenkel, M.D.
Eastwood Road, Woodmere

david squitieri January 04, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Well Annie Frenkel, I have been working at Sanitary District #1 for 20 years now and i must say for an M.D you really think and speak like a "degenerate!" How in the world would a person with your educational background even put together such a rediculous letter classifying the workers of S.D #1 as inept, arrogant, UNAPPRECIATIVE, and negligent? Is that fair to all of us? Where there might be a few workers who dont appreciate what they have, i will not argue that, but to classify all of the workers as what you just did i would say is pretty unfair! I would think you as a doctor would really think before you write and not judge people you know nothing about! Maybe you have had a bad experience with a worker or even two, and for that i am sorry, but that is not all of the workers at this place of employment. Next time you want to blast the whole sanitation department maybe you should think a minute...there are over 150 employees working here, most with families and real bills just like you, and a morgage just like you, and for such an educated person to speak about people they never met, i'm wondering how do you even have a medical practice judging people you dont know the way you just did! Well im sorry you feel this business is breeding such animals and i hope your service gets better for you in Woodmere! I hope this comment doesnt offend you, as your letter on here did me. your truly, David (a long time employee at sanitary district #1)
J January 05, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Why don't you try picking up the garbage then if you don't like it? They work hard and you are literally a disgrace to the human race. I live right around the block from Eastwood road and my garbage is always picked up, maybe you should try giving them a Christmas bonus for the holidays and they'll treat you better. They don't get paid enough for the work they do and this little letter that you put together is ridiculous and I think you need to seek help in all seriousness. I admit, sometimes they do their job quick and scatter the garbage cans all over the place, but there really wasn't a need to refer to the Sanitation men as "arrogant, unappreciative and negligent." The fact that you even throw in the word "mafia" is beyond ridiculous considering the fact that you have no idea what the mafia is and the fact that you are probably just another white Jewish resident complaining about something. Myself, as an Italian, takes offense to your little comment that you went out of your way to put together. Next time you decide to call out the whole sanitation department on something maybe a few people including you, have a problem with, take time to realize what you are even typing. The whole sanitation "mafia" is not responsible for your little house in Woodmere. Have a great holiday, hope you figure your little situation out. Love Always, Me
Tony January 05, 2012 at 04:29 AM
I moved from Inwood to FL 7 years ago and have missed 'San. Dist. 1' employees every week since. The sanitation workers here pick up at 3am and make a lot of racket doing so meaning I don't get much sleep 2 nights eack week, every week and this has continued unabated for all 7 years we've been here. Letters go unanswered, calls may as well be the same for the response we get. The workers won't take a small cardboard box unless it's flat and even then sometimes leave the box. They won't take just about anything that doesn't fit into the giant trash can because they're too lazy to bend over. Small household item-have to bring those to the dump. So Dr., you've got some nerve to write a letter such as you did and after insulting and denigrating the incredibly hard working and dedicated workers in District 1 you'd like to see unemployed, impoverished people picking up your trash. Do you really think that would lead to improved service? Your letter seems to be more of a continued political attack against the district such as has been waged during recent years there, especially since your letter is lacking in facts and details. Good luck with your vendetta.
Merrick7 January 05, 2012 at 04:32 AM
The problem is after Howard Weitzman's audits back in the earlier 2000's of NAssau's sanitation districts they charge too much for the same services! These special districts bleed us dry and do not do the job. You David may not be the problem, but the majoirty of the team has failed miserably and are very rude. On more than one occasion over the past decade i have visited friends in the district before work and i have seen them scream at residents and throw trash cans on the street and give attitude to residents. It is not right. The special district for Merrick in the TOH department is very polite and respectful and do their job for a decent wage without complaint. I can only remember oen strike in 20 years and have never heard of a garbageman yelling at a resident or complaining about how the bags were packaged.
Megachulo January 05, 2012 at 03:37 PM
"maybe you should try giving them a Christmas bonus for the holidays and they'll treat you better. "(see above) So now the local sanitation department is advocating blackmail to get better service. We left a very nice tip for our crew last week before x-mas, as we have done every year that we live here. This week, once again, our garbage was not picked up, leaving a huge pile. We called to complain, the garbage was picked up the next day, (to their credit, but not always the case), but with our trash cans and some trash left strewn all over our driveway. I would love to have to admit that this is the first time that this has happened to us, but truthfully, we have been living here in cedarhurst for thirteen years, this happens so often, many times we dont even call to complain anymore. The entire sanitation dept., including the front office, has been consistantly, woefully unprofessional, bordering on childish. Ive been cursed at, hung up upon, and ignored by formen. My car needs a new paint job yearly from the scratchmarks purposefully left by the sanitation crew. I have to clean up after the sanitation crew weekly from the refuse they leave behind, as rediculous as that sounds. I truly feel sad for those like Mr. Squitieri (above), who obviously takes his professional responsibilities and reputation seriously. Im sure there are others like him, but those are FAR overshadowed by the very well deserved, horrific reputaion that soils the entire local sanitation department.
menachem January 05, 2012 at 07:35 PM
B"H I have owned a home here for going on 8 years and we are usually happy with the service. We have had to call a # of times over the years when the garbage was not picked up at all. But like any entity there are good employees and bad employees. One of the things with cars getting scratched -- is there enough room between your garbage pail area and the car or the steps or whatever you have to be able to get through? I was told once that if we park to close to the garbage pails they can't get through and if they get caught scratching a car they get docked a vacation day so they don't risk it. I know we pay more than some areas but usually the service is better than I have seen in other neighborhoods. For sure when I have called in they were never nasty to me. A few times they said "don't worry they will come" and no one showed up till the next garbage day. If you call them and really have problems with supervisors being nasty you should record the calls and post them online so we can hear what you are talking about. Lets work on getting along with neighbors and making the situation better.
Merrick7 January 09, 2012 at 06:33 AM
The issue is better service for a lower price. Quite frankly i think with the exception of villages all sanitation districts should be consolidate into township sanitation districts and given various options to opt into such as backdoor and side door pick up and more pick up a week and larger pick up each week for different costs. But a much lower rate is required. As in past comptroller Howard Weitzman's report everyone outside of villages pretty much receives the same service but huge differences in costs with no particular value attached to the different costs. Merrick is part of TOH sanitation district, but has a special district for sidedoor pick up our service costs less than yours. It is silly to have these special commissioner run districts with hardly any oversight
Sandra Sammy January 11, 2013 at 02:48 PM
I am living in north woodmere, and these rediculous garbage workers are out of control, leaning over my fense to pick up the garbage and bending the fense, dragging the garbage bins and scratching our cars. I switch the place of the trash bins and now these pre-Madonna trash men thinks it's out of their way, not to forget o have to call every garbage day to report my garbage is not picked up or some is picked up and the then the foreman would show up and take it, what I want to know if there is anyone above the foreman I can speak to. These men are so obnoxious, they talk back and don't care, something has to be done about this.


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