Letter to the Editor: Storm Heroes

Writer writes about the good that has come from our neighbors in this hard time.

The following was submitted to Patch by Bob Block

We have all heard the expression making “Lemonade out of Lemons.” How do we find the good in this storm? Just look.

Check the local Five Town news and you will find every local government, every organization, every school both public and private, every house of worship, many businesses and professionals, and many of your neighbors doing their share to aid in therebuilding process. You will see service agencies working together and local charities combining efforts to have a greater impact towards a speedy recovery. You can see resources arriving daily from our governments and from other charities such as Long Island Cares, Island Harvest and the Red Cross.

You can see neighbors opening their doors to strangers offering hot meals, shelter, and power. You can see exhausted public works employees volunteering their time after days of double shifts just to “do their part.” I have said for years that “Community Service is Contagious.”

Take a look at your neighbors and take a look at yourself and I am sure you will find the hero of this storm — it is you.

Bob Block, a proud Five Towner and executive director of Five Towns Community Chest


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