Letter to the Editor: Woodmere LIRR-Area Poses Danger to Pedestrians

Letter writer says town and police have not responded to his call for safety measures.

This letter was submitted to Patch by "Nathan" from Woodmere

Dear Editor,

I write in the interest of pedestrian safety in Woodmere in light of recent pedestrians struck by autos (one requiring a helicopter for transport to a trauma center) and serious motor vehicle accidents.

There is a document trail dating back to 2009 for which this writer believes if the issues raised were appropriately addressed, numerous accidents and injuries may have been prevented. Unfortunately, the safety campaign has fallen on deaf ears.

One area of unspeakable hazard is Station Plaza/Cedar Lane in Woodmere. It is a thruway for many commuters with one stop sign often ignored. There are a large number of children in the area, a blind person, and handicapped persons that cannot use the sidewalk on Cedar Lane as there are utility poles in the middle of the sidewalk throughout. Take notice that there is no sidewalk between Northwood Lane and Wyckoff Ave., yet two-way traffic is permitted, forcing pedestrians to walk behind parked cars (LIRR / adjacent apartment building) and moving vehicles.

There have been at least two car accidents in this area where the drivers reported having to move into oncoming traffic to avoid innocent pedestrians forced into the roadway. To make matters worse, traffic that travels northbound on Northwood Lane is permitted to make a sharp U-turn turning westbound on Cedar Lane — a completely blind turn right near a busy LIRR station.

Central Avenue has become a racetrack of sorts. The number of accidents that have taken place where Central Avenue intersects Linden Street, Pine Street, Oak Street and right up until Woodmere Boulevard is high. I saw a serious crash this past Sunday (Oct. 21) on Central Avenue and Pine Street and spoke with nearby residents who spoke of denial and ignorance of their requests to the Town of Hempstead and the NCPD to make the area safer.

Make no mistake, this writer does not condone anyone that purposely avoids sidewalks which place them in harms’ way, or operates a vehicle in a reckless manner. This writer believes that any improvement in roadway and pedestrian safety at a time when the county mourns the loss of two police officers killed in the line of duty and “on the road” would be a fitting tribute.

Yours truly,


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