#64 - Unleash Your Inner Geek at Hewlett's Time Warp

Seventeen-year-old store specializes in pop culture collectibles.

You don’t have to be a kid to get a kick out of Time Warp, the Five Towns’ only comic book store.

The whole family will enjoy browsing through the huge selection of current and vintage comics, as well as all the store’s related products.

As for the comics, you can find all the classics and then some — superheroes, Archie, Japanese anime and more. Most are brand new, while others are older rarities in good condition.

But when you walk in, what really stands out are the action figures, statues and busts. There’s hundreds of them in various styles and sizes from nearly every popular cartoon and movie, including Batman, Godzilla, the Simpson’s, Looney Tunes, Power Rangers and tons of Star Wars. 

Sports fans will enjoy checking out all the sports cards. They’re sold in packs, by the box and individually for high-end cards. Kids can pick up their favorite trading cards too, like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. These sell well during the holidays and before summer camp season. 

You can find cutting-edge graphic novels, like those based on Falling Skies, Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi TV show. Other items include Mad Magazine, Barbie Dolls, toys and memorabilia.

Owner Jeffrey Lewis opened his first store 17 years ago and has been at his current location on Broadway in Hewlett since 2006. He said that even though he’s been expanding his merchandise over the years to include all kinds of collector’s items and some of the latest fads, his most popular product remains the comic book, something he’s been collecting since he was a kid.


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