#56 - Warm Up at Crawford’s Coffee Bar and Café

Shake off the cold with something warm at Cedarhurst hot beverage spot.

There’s nothing more soothing than a piping hot drink on a cold winter day, and Crawford’s Coffee Bar and Café, at 424 Central Ave. in Cedarhurst, offers a big choice of old favorites and some unique varieties as well.

In-between errands and shopping, stop in and relax with a white hot chocolate latte, Crawford’s specialty. Other popular warm pick-me-ups are the cookies-and-cream coffee, made with white and dark chocolate, espresso and milk, and the toffee cappuccino.

Jazz up a regular coffee with a dash of flavored syrup. Crawford’s has one of the biggest selections around, including gingerbread, Irish cream, pumpkin spice and brown sugar cinnamon. Several of the flavors are available sugar free. For the kids, there’s hot cocoa and warm apple cider.

If you want something more filling, warm up with a bowl of homemade soup, made fresh daily. The red bean is hearty, the split pea is light but flavorful, the zucchini soup is full of tender vegetables and the sweet potato soup is a nice break from the usual. Crawford’s continually rotates its soups of the day to keep things interesting.  

If you’re hungry, there’s a nice selection of food to go with those soups or drinks. You can order pizza, panini, eggs, salads or dessert. The house specialty is the towering “dirty burger” wrap that’s stuffed with a veggie burger, lettuce, tomato, avocado, two cheeses, pesto and honey-mustard.

There’s ample seating at Crawford's, with a cozy living room-style area in the back, dressed with contemporary artwork. 


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