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Will Sunflower Cafe Waiter Be the Next ABC Bachelor? The Answer Is...

Five Towns Patch has been following his story and his quest for reality TV stardom. Now, the moment of truth is here. Did he make it to Hollywood?

So did he, or didn't he?

Last month, we introduced you to , the waiter with big dreams of being the next star of ABC's The Bachelor.

Jonathan shared his story with all of us at Patch. We followed his journey on his quest to reality stardom and true love.

And the response from Patch Fans, his customers and Five Towners was just incredible.

Jonathan, we were all pulling for you. Your customers said that your good looks, dazzling smile, charm and unshakeable confidence, along with your ability to make everyone around you feel at home, definitely made you a real contender!

After a nerve wracking first audition at an open call in New York City came the agonizing wait. The clock ticked as we all wondered: Would he get the call? Would producers choose him to go on to the next audition in Hollywood?

The call finally came last week. The reality of this potential reality television opportunity? Well, the answer was no.

No, Jonathan wouldn't be going on to the next level. And that means he won't be this season's Bachelor on ABC. That's the bad news.

The good news is that Jonathan isn't giving up.  And he's not abandoning his search for true love, which led him to the Bachelor audition in the first place. Jonathan says he hasn't given up on his dream of becoming the next reality television star.

We'll keep you posted on Jonathan's quest.

And of course, now for the GREAT news ... yes, he's still single!


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