Crimes Nearby: Long Beach Man Indicted in Drugs, Loansharking Sting

Due back in court on Feb. 13.

A grand jury recently indicted a Long Beach man for his arrest in a narcotics and loansharking sting at his West End home in 2011.

Brian O’Neill, 52, was arraigned at Nassau County Court in Mineola on Jan. 28 following grand jury indictments stemming from his arrest on Nov. 7, 2011. 

At that time, O’Neill and three other suspects — Arthur Corso and John Amabile, both of Island Park; and Richard Gould of Baldwin — were arrested while search warrants were executed at O’Neill’s home on Minnesota Avenue as part of a narcotic and loan sharking enterprise investigation by the Long Beach and Nassau County police departments, Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration, according to Lt. Eric Cregeen, an LBPD spokesman. As a result of the investigation, police seized three automobiles and more than $100,000 in cash.

O'Neill was charged with two class C Felonies, five class E Felonies, and one class A misdemeanor at his arraignment. His bail was continued at $50,000 bond over $25,000 cash. O'Neill is due back in County Court Feb. 13.

"This is another example of a collective effort by law enforcement agencies that resulted in a successful end to this criminal enterprise, and we are confident that the end result will be a conviction,” said LBPD Commissioner Michael Tangney.

The LBPD report that Amabile pled guilty to second-degree criminal usury and was sentenced to Probation; Gould pled guilty to third-degree criminal possession of marijuana and received an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal; and Corso pled guilty to second-degree attempted criminal usury and was sentenced to time served with a conditional discharge and an asset forfeiture judgment in the amount of $1,827.

amynyc1 February 12, 2013 at 07:15 PM
There were no drugs involved , or confiscated at the residence of Mr.O'neil . For all the people that have fabricated stories , you should be ashamed . This wonderful man has done much for the community and for those of you that acted like friends , and are not you are showing any support now at all . Shut your mouths . When your kids went to his kids birthday parties you all went .Not a bad word uttered then except thank you for the great time .All the welcoming this family had done, was not an issue then . They invited you their community into their home you ate and drank without a problem . This is gratitude ? You fake people eating and drinking freebies and coveting your neighbor . Think about the children and the rest of the family when casting large stones . Lets give them a break and a grace period . Real friends where are you all at now ? I never could stand the lot of you . Calling you out a spade is a spade .
Sal Anthony March 09, 2013 at 04:33 AM
dear amy your friend is a low life drug dealer who is poisoning our community he is selling his drugs to our children for his gain. stop using drugs amy. he is a degenerate loser


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