Five Towns Mayors, Cops Urge Residents to Call 911

Mayors and officers address the crowd at Woodmere Country Club.

The mayors and officers address the crowd at Woodmere Country Club. (Photo: Stephen Bronner)
The mayors and officers address the crowd at Woodmere Country Club. (Photo: Stephen Bronner)
Written by Stephen J. Bronner 

Responding to a burglary in Hewlett Neck where a woman was shoved to the ground, local elected officials and police officials held a meetingon Wednesday where they urged residents to call 911 if they see or hear anything suspicious.

“The least expensive thing you can do [to reduce crime] is call 911,” said Hewlett Harbor Mayor Mark Weiss, who was joined by the mayors of Hewlett Neck, Hewlett Bay Park and Woodsburgh.

The Fourth Precinct is cognizant of the seven burglaries in the small villages this year, some of which have been closed, and thefts of higher-end vehicles, police officials said at the meeting. Both marked and unmarked cars routinely patrol the “vast” area of the four villages, some of which is very dark with heavy shrubbery, he added. That’s why residents’ vigilance is important.

“Nassau County Police wants everyone to be a good witness,” said Police Officer Robert Chimienti. “When you do see something suspicious, if something doesn’t feel right, there’s a chance it’s not right. Call 911 directly.”

Chimienti offered the following tips to residents:

  • Learn the addresses of the houses to the left, right, front and back.

  • More lighting is always better. Give your house a “lived-in look.” Consider motion sensors as well.

  • If you have a non-functioning street light, let the precinct know.

  • Keep alarms on, even if you step out for a moment. Keep keypads away from the front door.

  • When you go to bed, keep your car keys next to you. If there’s an intruder, activate the car’s panic alarm.

  • Don’t leave keyless car fobs too close to the vehicle, because criminals may be able to enter the vehicle.

  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle.

  • If you’re going away, file a vacant premise report with the precinct. This way, officers will know to look out for activity at your home.

  • Have your neighbors take in mail and newspapers while you’re away. Suspending service poses a risk.

  • Ask for ID of anyone who comes to your door.

  • Don’t hide your keys outside.

  • Inscribe your driver’s license number on property.

  • Only hire licensed contractors. If you don’t like the way workers are acting, talk to the contractor.


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