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Kitchen Fire Put Out in Lawrence Home

Fire chief offers advice on controlling grease fires.

(Courtesy Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department)
(Courtesy Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department)

Firefighters quickly extinguished a kitchen fire in a Lawrence home Sunday morning that moderately damaged that room, according to fire officials.

The fire broke out just after 7 a.m. in the kitchen of 1239 Doughty Blvd., according to Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department Assistant Chief Anthony Rivelli. The female occupant of the home did her best to contain the blaze, but evacuated as the smoke intensified. Firefighters were on the scene two minutes later and quickly put out the fire, which had begun to travel up the cabinets.

The volunteers ventilated the home, controlled the gas utility and began checking for further fire extension. The kitchen of the home received moderate damage. This is the second cooking-related fire in the area over the holiday weekend.

Fifteen firefighters on three trucks responded to the scene under the command of Chief John Mchugh.

The fire department reminds residents to not dump water on a grease fire.

“Because water is heavier than oil, it immediately sinks to the bottom of the pan,” Rivelli said. “Water and oil are not soluble. Therefore, it becomes superheated and evaporates quickly. This evaporation expands rapidly, pushing and splattering the burning oil out in all directions.  If it's safe to do so simply cover the affected pot to deprive oxygen. Shut off the stove and call the fire department.”


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