Nearby: Lynbrook FD, PD Help Rescue Man Trapped Under Truck

Man was trapped after truck rolled forward, pinning his head.

The Lynbrook Fire Department on Friday assisted a man trapped under a truck at the intersection of Merrick Road and Charles Street in Lynbrook.

The fire department's extrication team and the emergency medical company responded under the command of Chief Anthony DeCarlo. Firefighters arrived shortly after Lynbrook police officers and found that the man, who was working underneath the truck in this Merrick Road driveway, was pinned after the truck rolled forward pinning his head.

The man's head was stopping the truck from rolling further down the incline into the street. Lynbrook Police Officer Doug King was first on the scene and used his police car to stop the truck from moving any further.

Firefighters got under the truck and freed the man. They were then able to get him on a backboard and pulled him out from underneath the truck.

Medical personnel then took over. The man was put on a stretcher and transported in a Lynbrook Fire Department ambulance to the hospital.

The man had a few cuts and bruises.

Information from and photos by LFD Ex-Captain Steve Grogan.


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