View Finder: Local Firefighters Honored by County

Nassau awards bravery of firefighters who saved Woodmere resident in December.

Firefighters from the and fire departments were honored for their bravery last Wednesday by Nassau County for the December rescue of a Woodmere resident.

Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department Captain and Assistant Chief Anthony Rivelli Jr. was awarded a Silver Medal of Valor and Woodmere former Captain Ben Nelson, Firefighter Jason Hoffman and Lawrence-Cedarhurst Firefigher James McHugh were awarded the Bronze Medal of Valor.

The two departments, as well as members of the , Meadowmere and departments, responded to a fire on Prospect Avenue in Woodmere on December 3. Along with the challenges brought on by fire, heat and smoke, the house's layout presented tough conditions for the firefighters and made it hard to search for residents. But, Rivelli, using a thermal imaging camera, was able to locate a 280 plus pound victim, and members of the departments were able to bring the resident out to safety.


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