Worst Police Stories From Our Region: Part II

Here are some of the most talked about police-related stories from 2011.

5. In April, the remains of two bodies were found just more than one mile east of the Jones Beach Water tower. The bodies were eventually linked to the Gilgo Beach serial killer, who police are still searching for more than one year after the first body was discovered.

The two remains found near Jones Beach were the last two bodies found in the case, which, up until recently, has not turned up any new clues.

4. A 23-year-old former Long Beach High School baseball star was shot and killed by Nassau County Police back in August after he allegedly attempted to burglarize a house in Point Lookout. Police said that the suspect, Kurt Doerbecker, was in a “full sprint” at the officers with a knife above his head when he was fatally wounded.

The shooting bared a eerie resemblance to an incident in Massapequa Park back in March, during which a suspect barricaded himself in his room, but was eventually shot and killed after charging at police with a knife. A Nassau Police Officer was also accidentally shot and killed at the crime scene.

3. Michael J. Califano, a Nassau County Highway Patrol Officer, was killed in February during a routine traffic stop on the Long Island Expressway after a flatbed truck struck his police vehicle from behind.

Thousands gathered in Seaford less than one week after the accident to pay their last respects to Califano, a 12-year veteran of the Nassau County Police Department.

2. A woman was sent to the hospital with serious wounds after being attacked by a pair of pit bulls on the morning of Sept. 29 at the Brookside School in Merrick. As Nassau County Police approached the scene, the dogs turned their focus and began to approach the officers. At that time, the officers fired at the dogs, killing one and causing the other to run from the area into the field behind the school.

The second dog was spotted again less than one week later on Oct. 4, but police came up empty in their search. Finally on Oct. 17, two weeks later, the pit bull was shot and killed by Nassau Police in front of a daycare center in Merrick.

Almost two months after the first incident, Shashi Sharma, the woman who was attacked, was released from the Nassau University Medical Center.

1. A Bellmore EMT was responding to the scene of a single-car accident when the driver involved in the accident opened fire from his vehicle. The responding EMT, Justin Angell, was struck in the back by a bullet from the crazed gunman.

Shortly after Angell was transported to the hospital in a Bellmore ambulance, officers from the Seventh Precinct and one of the NCPD’s canine units responded to the scene. After exchanging fire with the gunman, later identified as 31-year-old Jason Beller, the officer from the canine unit snuck up alongside Beller's vehicle and fired off several shots, killing Beller at the scene.

Just two days after the shooting, Angell was released from the NUMC.

This is the second part of our two-part series on the worst police stories from our Patch region. Click here for the first part in our series.


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