Cedarhurst Officials: We Don't Have Power Either

Trustees discuss electricity and security at packed meeting.

National Guard, Nassau County police officers, auxiliary officers and even village trustees have been out on patrol in Cedarhurst as residents impatiently await the return of power to their homes.

“We’re being proactive about it,” Trustee Ari Brown said at a village hall meeting on Monday. “The men haven’t seen one sign of looting.”

Electricity and security were easily the most talked about issues at the packed meeting, which was in the dark except for a flood light plugged into a generator at village hall. Residents grilled village officials on LIPA, but they admitted to not having any answers.

“We’re having the same problem as you. I have no power or heat,” said Mayor Andrew Parise. “I wish I can tell you something good. We have the same problem as last Monday, with the same answers.”

Some good news may be coming, however, as Deputy Mayor Benjamin Weinstock said power may finally be restored on Wednesday to much of Long Island. He warned residents that there’s no guarantee, and even if power is restored, not everyone in the village will have power. Some streets may have damaged wires or infrastructure, he explained.

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Meanwhile, Cedarhurst has declared a state of emergency that will give residents more flexibility in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The resolution permits residents “to react to the situation creatively,” Weinstock said, citing yeshivas that have requested to do things that are usually against village law.

During the state of emergency, all village departments are instructed to place life and property as their top priority. Parking meters will also not be enforced.

The village will also look into a robo-call system and an email list for future situations.

“We’re going to be upgrading our communications,” Weinstock said. “This was the wake up call.”

Residents also interrogated Legislator Howard Kopel on why the county didn’t do more to prepare before the storm, what can be done about LIPA and a lack of visible police presence.

Kopel said that he, like many residents, does not trust LIPA’s numbers.

“At the county level, we’ll hold hearings to shine light on the problems,” he said. “You can’t prepare for this — a once in a lifetime event.”

The county is considering adopting a law that will require gas stations to have a generator on site to prevent the gas lines the current situation has created. He also said that more police will be patrolling, but in their personal vehicles. Still, he said, he felt fortunate.

“We’re lucky over here. Entire neighborhoods became part of the Atlantic Ocean,” he said. “But anyone who’s in trouble, don’t suffer silently. There are places to go that are better than a cold house.”

See Brown's letter on Cedarhurst's efforts here.

Richard Luck November 07, 2012 at 12:54 PM
These "once on a lifetime " events are becoming more frequent and more devastating every year. When will gov't realize this and act accordingly?
Richard Luck November 07, 2012 at 12:56 PM
"IN" a lifetime
Gail November 07, 2012 at 04:05 PM
The Southwest section of Cedarhurst was devistated. I was accosted on the corner of Westminster & Tnpke by 3 men looking for money. I couldn't even call for help - no cell. I feel bad that the Town Hall has no power -My neighbors & I have no heating system, major appliances, walls, floors, furniture on the main floor, & car. The only people who showed up on my block were the Disaster folks with a cadaver dog. Not 1 Village rep, or police car yet.
steven November 11, 2012 at 12:35 PM
with traffic lights up and down central, there is no one that can safely control traffic? If the meters arent being monitored, let the meter maids man the intersections without lights. Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp? I guess we'll wait for a fatality and then do something. Sounds about right. Great job community "leaders." Stop screaming at LIPA and look in the mirror. People naming themself as "leader" and then don't lead ANYTHING. If you feel like you are a "leader" in some sort of capacity in the 5 towns, it is time to turn in your leader card because YOU failed us. Mr. Republican club leader sure did a lot to help others. Didn't you leader? Isn't that what "leaders" do? So if you are not "leading" anyone or anything, can you really confer on yourself the title of "leader?" It is obvious that your apparant leadership in the community is in your own head, not in reality. Maybe a leader in self promotion and aggrandizement, but certainly, certainly no community leader. Do us all a favor an resign as leader. We had enough of supporting your friends and family with their freebie jobs. Go ahead deny it. Just name one accomplishment you achieved as "leader" please. Just one. Unless it involves promoting yourself. So leader, are you cold in your house? do you have power? better yet, did you flee the 5 towns to be nice and warm somewhere else while the community you "lead" suffers? Well, did you stay with your people or did you run? Come on, fess up leader.
steven November 11, 2012 at 12:36 PM
I think I read that we have a "community leader" in Inwood. Maybe he can help. Oh your not related? hmmm. Forget it then.
steven November 11, 2012 at 12:42 PM
"citing yeshivas that have requested to do things that are usually against village law." WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT? So what can I do that is usually against the law but is now legal? If it is against the law, it must be for a reason, no? What the heck are they doing that they need to break the law that apparantly doesn't apply to them? Some reporting. WHAT?!?!?!?! So is there a list published somewhere that I find out what isn't illegal anymore? Or should I just ask my leader in Inwood? Oh wait, he fled. Must be leading somewhere else I guess. These leaders are busy I tell ya.


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