Hempstead Town, Village Residents Responsible for Sidewalk Repairs

Property owners are expected to take care of their own sidewalk repairs if notified by the town or village.

Residents of the Town of Hempstead and villages of and looking to refurbirsh their sidewalks this spring will be expected to do so on their own dime.

Under town code, property owners who receive a notice from the town's sidewalk division will have less than 30 days from the notice date to complete repairs privately. Residents have the option to personally take care of the repairs, hire a private contractor or hire the town contractor.

Of Long Island's 13 townships, the Town of Hempstead, along with Oyster Bay, Babylon, Huntington and Islip, put the responsibility of sidewalk repairs on homeowners.

Hempstead Town Code states:

The town board may, from time to time, by resolution, require the construction or repair of sidewalks along streets, roads, highways and parkways in the Town of Hempstead, as well as the construction of sidewalks along state highways within the Town of Hempstead and the repair of sidewalks constructed by the state along state highways in the Town of Hempstead, at the expense of the abutting owners or otherwise.

As per town code, before commencing work, the property owner or contractor must obtain a sidewalk permit from the town's highway department. A copy of the signed contract should also be sent to the sidewalk division.

Once the work has been completed, property owners can write the sidewalk division directly. A final inspection will then be made and the file will be closed.

Should a resident opt to have the town complete their sidewalk, the property will be placed on a "Sidewalk Repair Resolution."

According to the town, "Upon adoption of that resolution, the town clerk will notify you, via certified mail, that the resolution has been adopted and your sidewalk is slated for repair. This is simply a legal notification that permits the town to contract the project and assign your bill to the five-year payment program — if you choose this option."

No follow-up with the division of sidewalks is necessary if the town is hired to complete the work. When the town's contractor is assigned to the resident's community, they will make the necessary repairs. The contractor will notify each property owner in writing prior to commencing work.

After completion, the town will send the property owner an invoice summarizing the total cost of the work that was completed. There are several payment options:

  • Pay the full amount due, directly to the sidewalk division by Dec. 31. If not, the Receiver of Taxes will bill the property the following spring.
  • Pay the Receiver of Taxes the full amount due, or it will automatically be placed on the five-year payment plan and be included in future tax bills.  Please note, if a lending institution or an individual other than the property owner pays the taxes, the bill will be forwarded to that party.

As far as cost goes, according to the town, it varies based on when it is being done and contractor, but right now the average is approximately $150 per 4-foot-by-4-foot flag.

Lawrence and Cedarhurst have similar requirements on sidewalks. Both villages will inform the resident that work needs to be done, and if it has not after a certain amount of time, the village may do it itself and bill the property owner.

Do you think it's fair that residents should have to pay for sidewalk repairs? Tell us in the comments section below.

ajs October 24, 2012 at 08:31 PM
I live in uniondale, toh,. I am on ssi an cannot afford to have this put on my tax bill ever I will lose my house. No one is helping and no one cares. Just sign the blank check and shut up. m These sidewalks belong to the town let them fix them i pay enough already in town and county taxes. Disable not working and low income the toh just doesn't did a dam. thank you


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