Hewlett Harbor Honors San. District 1

Says sanitation department helped bring village to “Post Sandy Normal.”

The Village of Hewlett Harbor recently honored Sanitary District 1 and its employees with a certificate of appreciatiation for their efforts after Superstorm Sandy hit the area. Mayor Mark Weiss presented the certificate to acting Superintendent George Pappas and Commissioners James Vilardi and Frank Argento at the village board's most recent monthly meeting.

Here's a statement from Weiss:

“The first step in getting back to normal was going through the process of cleaning up immediately after Sandy. The sheer magnitude of carpeting, sheet rock, roofing material, furniture and home goods was way beyond what the village could handle with our own resources. Sanitary District #1 provided manpower and equipment that helped our residents remove what was destroyed and then prepare to rebuild their homes and their lives.

“Clearly, we now recognize that people of Sanitary District 1 can be counted on as willing and passionate participants in times of emergencies and will be included in all of our future plans.

“Overnight, George Papas became a critical member of our village team — helping our village trustees and commissioners and staff plan and coordinate our remediation procedures. We thank George and the trustees of Sanitary District 1 and the men who worked the trucks, walked the streets and picked up the debris for their untiring support and for becoming extended members of our Hewlett Harbor family.”

Igwheet February 07, 2013 at 04:56 PM
James Vilardi is the guy Legislator Kopel's office called when I needed help with my garbage pickup. Mr. Vilardi called me less than five minutes later to get more information, and there was a truck in front of my house less than a hour later to take care of the problem. Not only did he give me his personal cell phone number in case i had any problems in the future, he told that he made it his mission to make Sanitary District #1 friendly and responsive, and always looking for ways to improve service even more. Everything about my garbage service has gotten better over the last two years or so, and after the incredible job all these guys did after Sandy I think Mr. Vilardi and everyone who works for Sanitary District #1 deserves a medal.
5towner February 07, 2013 at 06:01 PM
lucky you, our garbage rarely gets picked up! residential house but they just drive or even walk on by my cans like they aren't even there!! numerous calls and nothing! they deserve a pay cut not a medal!
Igwheet February 07, 2013 at 06:11 PM
If you live in the five towns, then I recommend you do what I did and call Legislator Howard Koppel's office the next time you have a problem. Seriously, between Koppel and Vilardi, the response was so fast my head was spinning. Koppel's number is 571-6207. Incidentally, the problem I had with my garbage pickup was of the sort that Mr. Vilardi suspended the entire crew for one or more weeks. They haven't given me much reason to complain about anything ever since.
Carmela Soprano February 07, 2013 at 06:56 PM
I have to say that the district employees, especially the individual truck crews really stepped up to the place in the days after Sandy and really did an outstanding job. They saw the pain in our hearts and in our eyes as our lives were piled up in the street. I also think there was an attitude adjustment, as the workers are really hearing and seeing the needs of the homeowners after this humbling experience. I applaud the men who hit the ground every day. THANK YOU.


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