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Hewlett Neck Approves Increased Tax Cap

New property tax law could have residents paying more than the state maximum requires.

In a move that is perhaps a sign of things to come, the Hewlett Neck Board of Trustees on Monday approved a new local law allowing the village to raise property taxes above the current 2 percent cap imposed by New York State.

After the last board meeting in October, trustees filed the requisite paperwork notifying Nassau County and the state about its proposal. No objections were received.

“This doesn’t mean we’re definitely going to raise taxes," Mayor Stuart Troyetsky said. "It’s just in case.” He wouldn’t elaborate on his reason for the change.

Local Law No. 3 of 2011 now supersedes the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law Section 3-C. Why did Hewlett Neck seek to override the existing property cap set by the state?

“We have a small tax base,” Trustee Steven Hochberg said.

When asked about the changes, Village Attorney Anthony Guardino said: “The purpose of this law is to exceed the normal caps. It would increase the funds that are now available.”

The board also amended Section 195-16 of the village code as it relates to private garages. The revised law permits attached two car garages if the configuration faces the front of the property and up to three if it faces the side.

The law was confusing and required clarification regarding the number of vehicles permitted, trustees said. Detached garages with a maximum of two cars are currently allowed. Residents cannot have more without a variance.  

“We looked at the law and felt it needed to be amended,” Troyetsky said.

The Hewlett Neck Board of Trustees will next meet on Dec. 5 at 8 p.m.  


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