Lawrence Debates Law Giving Administrator No Parking Power

Proposal hopes to keep narrow roads accessible to emergency vehicles.

officials are debating whether to give the village administrator the power to put up no parking signs when residents hold events in their homes.

The law would act as a safeguard when large events are held on narrow roads. The goal is to not allow cars on both sides of a street so emergency vehicles can pass.

An original proposed law required that residents inform the village of an event so the signs could be put up, but it was streamlined after outgoing Trustee Edward Klar pointed out it had no punitive power.

“It’s better to have a law without teeth then no law,” Mayor Martin Oliner said. “We don’t have the authority to put up no parking signs. This is seeking that authority.”

The mayor said that village officials can look in newspapers or online to see if any events are coming up, and act accordingly. The building department is also notified of events because of permits for tents.

“I would hope people would want to do it for the health and safety of their neighbors,” Deputy Mayor Joel Mael said.

The board will continue to discuss the proposed law at its next meeting.

William Street Issue

Jackie Handel, a member of the Lawrence Association, asked the board why residents of a Central Avenue building that has a parking garage that exits on William Street are still not able to make left turns after half the road became two-way.

“If you’re going to make it a two-way street, I think it’s unfair to the residents,” she said. “You’re not doing anything advantageous to the taxpayers in the building.”

Half of William Street has been changed into a two-way road, and new signs have been added to modify traffic.

In response, Oliner said, “We’ll observe it for a period. Generally, I think it’s been pretty good.”

Elbow Needed on 878?

Trustee C. Simon Felder suggested adding an elbow at the intersection of 878 and Central Avenue, where he said people have trouble making right turns, causing a backup of traffic.

Trustee Michael Fragin said the county has refused to address three issues on the 878: badly placed bus stops, out of sync lights and parking on the street.

Another traffic issue that came up was the county changing a “No Turn On Red When Pedestrians Present” sign to one prohibiting rights turns at the light outright at Broadway and Washington Street. Mael said that this has caused drivers to go down smaller roads without the signs. The board passed a motion to petition the county to change the sign back.

Bugging Out

An entomologist has been hired to study the recent insect problems that many Lawrence residents who live near the marshes have been dealing with.

The specialist will study the bugs for three non-consecutive days in the village and report the best way to control and/or eliminate them.

To read the mayor’s recent letter to residents on the mosquito issue, click here.

Doughty Parking Hearing

The village will hold a public hearing on allowing overnight parking on a stretch of Doughty Boulevard in the village. A resident reported to the board that he and many of his neighbors recently received tickets, which “was a very unusual event.”


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