No Surprises: Incumbents Take Village Elections

Lawrence write-in candidates pull in votes, however.

Most villages in the Five Towns held elections for trustee positions on their respective boards Tuesday, including one election for mayor.

All of the candidates ran unopposed, and all of them claimed victory.


In Lawrence, the two candidates running unopposed for trustee positions, Michael Fragin and Joel Mael, both won their races. Fragin received 85 votes while Mael received 82.

Two write-in candidates did garner over 15 percent of the vote. David Englander and David Seidemann, both of whom were not listed on the ballot, received 16 and 22 votes, respectively.

Hewlett Harbor

The unopposed candidates for trustee positions both were victorious. Michael Yohai won with 79 votes, while Leonard Oppenheimer was elected with 75 votes.


In Woodsburgh, the unopposed trustee candidates, Carl Cayne and Gary Goffner, were elected with 35 and 36 votes, respectively.

In the village’s mayoral election, Susan Schlaff was re-elected with 38 votes.

Hewlett Neck

Hewlett Neck’s ballot included incumbent and unopposed trustees in Michael Levine and Brett Cooper. Both were re-elected, with Levine receiving 21 votes and Cooper with 17.

Hewlett Bay Park

In Hewlett Bay Park, both incumbent, unopposed trustee candidates were re-elected. Alex Salomon and Jay Levy will once again serve the village, as they both received nine votes.

Atlantic Beach

Unopposed trustee candidates Andrew J. Rubin and Danae Muddiman both won in Atlantic Beach. Rubin received 46 votes while Muddiman received 55 votes.

There were write-in candidates in this election, but none received a total number of votes significant enough to report, the village said.


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