Tolls to Resume at Atlantic Beach Bridge

Authority extends period 2012 decals can be used.

Story and Photo by Stephen Bronner.

Starting Monday at 10 a.m., tolls will once again be collected on the Atlantic Beach Bridge.

Tolls had been suspended on the roadway for nearly three weeks, starting on Oct. 28, a day before Hurricane Sandy was predicted to hit Long Island, in order to help evacuate from the Barrier Island.

“On November fifth, electricity and the capability to collect tolls were restored to the Atlantic Beach Bridge,” according to a release from Nassau County, which owns and operates the bridge. “However, recognizing the extreme hardship suffered by so many of our patrons and neighbors, the Nassau County Bridge Authority opted to continue the suspension of tolls until Nov. 19, 2012.”

The bridge is still closed to non-residents, as police will continue to have a checkpoint there.

The Nassau County Bridge Authority has suspended all transfer fees for the next six months. Drivers with 2012 decals can use them until Jan. 31, 2013. Next year’s decals will become available on Monday and will be valid until Dec. 31, 2013.

Anyone with a 2012 decal that lost use of his or her car will be given a 20-trip card for free until they can buy a 2013 decal.

“Every effort is being made by the Nassau County Bridge Authority Board of Commissioners and staff to aggressively and comprehensively assess and correct all damage to this critical infrastructure caused by the storm, restore the bridge to full and safe operational capacity, and take decisive steps to maintain the authority's sound financial position which will protect both bond holders and our patrons,” the release states.
paul.d.spellman November 15, 2012 at 02:46 PM
"Every effort is being made by the Nassau County Bridge Authority .... to ... restore the bridge to ... safe operational capacity" Is the implication that it is not safe to operate now?
Mike0427 November 16, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Maybe the Nassau County Bridge Authority can explian why this is the only bridge that collects a toll? Why not any other bridge on the south shore of Nassua County?????


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