Hewlett Harbor Notebook: Cobblestone Roads, Willow Pond and Sink Hole Repair

Board of trustees are preparing for next year with beautification projects.

While Hewlett Harbor officials are still seeking funding from FEMA to repair damages from Hurricane Irene, the board of trustees spent the last month focusing on village beautification, anticipating a heavy workload next year.

Mayor Mark Weiss took up private issues last Wednesday night as well as issues impacting the entire village, many of which involve road repairs and the restoration of Willow Pond.

Cobblestone Roads

The is considering picking up the tab for future cobblestone road installation on private streets in the village, changing its current policy that asks residents to repair and install stone roads on or near their property.

“The village would be picking up the tab to install cobblestones in those areas where we are putting in new roads,” Weiss said.

Board members are hopeful to break ground on 100 feet of cobblestone along Everett Avenue, costing roughly $9.50 per square foot. 

According to the board, impact on the integrity of road infrastructure and aesthetics of the neighborhood outweigh the looming cost to the village.

“We don’t do it because it looks good, we do it because it would save the road,” Weiss said. “The road would last longer and we wouldn’t get sand in the streets.”

Village attorney Charles Casolaro said he plans to investigate the village’s current policies over the next month for the board’s December meeting.

“I want to take a look at some recent opinions coming down from the attorney general’s office regarding expenditures of village funds on private property,” Casolaro said.

Willow Pond Update

The village is currently removing 1000 cubic yards of sediment from the bottom from Schnecks Circle at the north end of Willow Pond.

According to Deputy Mayor Leonard Oppenheimer, the village is removing approximately three feet of mud and debris from the bottom of the pond to restore years of buildup.

“The end result is going to be pretty good,” Oppenheimer said optimistically.

Pumps are currently set up to drain the water from the pond and a portion of the road has been removed on Schnecks Lane to set up holding bins for mud removal.

“We restored a big piece of the pond to good health,” Weiss said. “It's going to help us with what we are going to do to the rest of the pond over the next two or three years and I just think it's a great success story.”  

Everett Avenue Sink Hole 

The board approved a six-foot sinkhole repair project on Everett Avenue near Willow Pond Lane.

“We need to get it done quickly because it’s the most trafficked road in the village,” Weiss said.

Frank Robustello and Son Inc. was the only company to make a bid on the project and estimates the cost at $3,400 to fix the road.


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