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Your LIRR Commute After Sandy

With commuter anger boiling over repairs to East River Tunnels, we want to know how your commute has been going.

There have been many challenges in the area since Hurricane Sandy struck last month, but one of the biggest has been fixing our damaged rail system.

A major issue has been the repair of two East River tunnels owned by Amtrak which the Long Island Rail Road uses to get into Manhattan.

Rep. Steve Israel, D-Huntington, held a press conference in which he said he received assurances from Amtrak that the tunnels would be repaired by Christmas week.

Last week, the LIRR announced that all branches were running on a 'near-normal' schedule.

T. Commuter December 04, 2012 at 12:30 PM
The fact that the LIRR calls their present schedule "near-normal" is laughable. Being down 23 trains during the morning commute and 19 trains during the evening commute, coupled with the normal lateness and cancellations that we all just accept from the LIRR has made commuting a nightmare. Trains are overcrowded, constantly late and randomly cancelled. The fact that monthly ticket holders have not received any refunds for tickets purchases for the months of October, November and December and are facing a fare hike in the new year is the best evidence that the MTA doesn't care about the service they provide, but rather the profits that they rake in. It's a monopoly and the government needs to step in.
Tara K. December 04, 2012 at 07:52 PM
I agree with T. Commuter, I travel on the Far Rockaway branch, and we are like the orphans of the LIRR. We need more direct trains to Penn in the morning. Changing at Jamaica is a nightmare and I am tired of standing for 1/2 my ride in the morning. I am not paying $2.50 a ride like the subway, I am paying $14.00 a ride and expect a seat for that price!!! I am so done with still dealing with bad commuting due to Sandy, we got hit hard down in my area and enough is enough for the people along the Far Rockaway line....we need a break to get back to our regular lives and our regular commuting times!


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