Stop Camel Crickets From Invading Your Home

Jumpy bugs. Hippity Hops. Cave crickets.

That's just some of the names local residents have given to these critters that have invaded their homes, particularly their basements. Their actual name is Rhaphidophoridae, but they are commonly called camel crickets because of their "humpbacked appearance," according to North Carolina University's Department of Entomology Web site. 

Unlike field crickets, these strange-looking creatures have no wings and they do not chirp, but they can jump very high, which they usually do when they are startled. For instance, when they detect, using their antennae, that someone is approaching or if you throw a shoe at them. 

"They have traps for them," Michele Graziano Celauro said on Merrick Patch's Facebook page. "After they are caught an exterminator has to spray the basement for them not to come back."

"My parents put a dehumidifier in their basement and it has worked wonders," Milena Apath added. "They have a glue trap or two just as a precaution."

"Diatomasious Earth (DE) in food Grade form works on these guys," Cipriano's Nursery, which is based in East Meadow, said. "You can apply DE indoors and outdoors. Its Organic and Safe! Diestrammena asynamora or Camel Cricket start to venture into basements and houses at this time of year."

"For best results make sure you apply DE liberaly around and under appliances along baseboards etc." they added. "DE is a Mechanical killer not a chemical killer, it dehydrates the insects and they will not develope an immunity to it."

Tommy Elliot offered a different solution to the problem. 

"Cats," he said. "Cats work great. And it gives them exercise."

How do you combat these creepy crawlers? Tell us in the comments section below.


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