Cedarhurst Landlord Looks to Fill Empty Storefront

Nearby merchants hope for a tasteful addition to the neighborhood.

Since David’s Den clothing shop closed its temporary store at 403 Central Ave. about a month ago, building owner Rachael Elbaum has been looking for a new permanent tenant to move in.

“It’s a very good spot to have a business, because the store is in good condition and whoever moves in there can do very well,” said Elbaum, a Brooklyn resident who has owned the building for nearly 20 years. “There are a couple of schools right around there, so there’s a lot of traffic with people bringing their kids back and forth. There are some very active stores right there, which is good for a new tenant.”

Some positive features of the store include central air conditioning, a municipal parking lot right in back and a fully finished basement that the owner said is so nice it can be used as part of the store and not just for storage. 

Many years back, the space was a Judaica store and then a Jewish book store. More recently, when the store became vacant, Elbaum rented it on a temporary basis to the owner of David’s Den, who used the storefront for about eight months as an outlet.

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“It worked out okay to have the clothing store here for a while, but now I would like a long-range tenant,” said Elbaum, who is not using a real estate broker for the time being. “As far as rent, it will be reasonable, so it will work out well for both sides.”

While a couple of merchants on the block said that they would welcome another small independent store, which gives Cedarhurst its charm, others would like to see a few more high-profile brand stores return to the neighborhood, such as the Gap and even Starbucks. They feel that the quality of the stores in town are not of the same caliber as they used to be and it's hurting the business district's appeal.

Magda Berger, owner of PJ Sterling, said that the block could use a successful upscale store and that “we don’t need any more dollar stores.” The owner of Creative Effects advertising agency, who rents space on the second floor of Elbaum’s building, said she misses some of the quality stores that used to be a staple in Cedarhurst, such as Ann Taylor and Williams Sonoma.

“People move into these stores, but some of them don’t always last long,” said Anthony Livreri, owner of the Quorum salon. “And when they go, sometimes the stores sit empty for a long time. Maybe more stores like Banana Republic would draw more people here and help the everyone’s business.”

High taxes and rent could make prospective business owners leery about opening up in Cedarhurst, according to several merchants, including the owner of Sherel’s Hats and Accessories, who said that her $21,000 tax bill is extremely excessive. She also claims that overly aggressive meter maids are another problem for both customers and storeowners, who need to feed the meters all day to avoid getting a ticket.

Berger disagrees, stating that some drivers have been very rude to the meter maids, who are just trying to do their job.

But Elbaum only has positive things to say about the neighborhood and the business district.

“It’s just a lovely shopping area with pretty stores,” she said. “It makes it a very pleasant shopping experience on Central Avenue. ”

5TResident December 17, 2012 at 04:54 PM
I don't care what opens there as long as it isn't another sushi or shnitzel joint. We have too many of those. I never realized taxes were that high on Central Avenue. As for the parking meters, keep in mind that 15% of Cedarhurst's budget comes from parking meters and penalties for expired meters. You can expect continued strict enforcement.
Blue December 18, 2012 at 03:54 AM
YES please bring back the Gap, Startbucks, or even Express anything the way Central Ave used to be. It used to be so lively, it hasnt been the same for years.
ftptch December 18, 2012 at 03:02 PM
come on blue.... u dont like 10 wig shops..... 5 judaicas.... endless kosher restaurants?????? on central ave....??? who cares about diversity........ the area is completely empty on saturdays...............its nice
Eugene Falik December 19, 2012 at 03:29 PM
The Village officials should be prosecuted for each parking meter summons since each is issued in violation of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 1683 (a) (8). This section requires signs to be posted. The signs MUST be 7' above the pavement, green letters on a white background, use an approved font, and be placed at an angle of 30-45 degrees to the direction of travel. The signs MUST state how long parking is permitted, that activation of the meter is required, the days and hours that it is in effect. Cedarhurst has none of these, so evenery parking meter summons is a separate violation for which the mayor and trustees should each receive a summons.


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