HAFTR News: Israel's Birthday, Math Medals, and Cow Eyes

Students receive awards and eighth graders get hands on with an organ.

HAFTR Celebrates Yom Ha’Atzmaut

This year, HAFTR began celebrating Israel’s 64th birthday under the stars on Wednesday evening. Nursery and parents were invited to join in the outdoor festivities as HAFTR students performed in honor of the Holy Land.

HAFTR families gathered together to watch the opening ceremony, which depicted the Shaloshet HaRegalim. The audience was inspired by the costumes, music and artwork. Everyone cheered as students participated in Daglanut, creating synchronized formations with Israeli Flags and dancing throughout the field. HAFTR’s fourth grade choir continued the celebration with beloved Hebrew songs. Families were then invited into HAFTR Lower School to take a tour of Mini Israel, a compilation of student projects replicating various cities in Israel.

The celebration continued on Thursday morning, as HAFTR Lower School students were joined by Early Childhood and students for a very special flag raising. A flag from Shizafon, an army base in the Negev was presented by fifth grade teacher Shani Marks. Ms. Marks received the flag from Ayal Cohen, a soldier in the 460 Brigade. The flag was hoisted onto our flagpole as we all sang the Hatikva. The morning continued with a repetition of Wednesday evening’s program and culminated with dancing outdoors to commemorate this exciting event.

HAFTR Captures Three Medals at Long Island Math Fair 

Three HAFTR students, who competed in the final round of the Long Island Math Fair, were awarded medals on April 20 for their outstanding research.  

Outstanding recognition went to Wade Miller. Wade was awarded a silver medal for his research in Gaussian integers. In addition, Adam Bistritzky and Rebecca Slochowsky were awarded bronze medals. Adam did research related to the erratic patterns of prime numbers and Rebecca investigated and characterized infinite sets.  

All three students worked with their mentor, Mr. Neil Bernstein, chairman of the mathematics department at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway.

Eighth Graders Perform Ocular Surgery

HAFTR President and noted ophthalmologist, Dr. Adam Lish, assisted by his wife Dr. Karen Lish, conducted four hands-on laboratory sessions with HAFTR eighth graders, which includes their son Justin.

Mr. Seiff’s biology classes learned about the anatomy and physiology of the cow's eye in comparison to the human eye. Students used scalpels to dissect cow eyes, cutting through layers of muscle and fat while exploring the various structures leading to the optic nerve. The students were fascinated with the opportunity to act as young surgeons and will undoubtedly remember the experience for years to come.  

HAFTR Students Excel in Long Island French Poetry Contest

Madame Delson’s French students participated in the “Aline Desbonnet Concours de Poésie Française,” the Long Island French Poetry Contest, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French on April 2. Students went to Plainview-Old Bethpage J.F. Kennedy High School in Plainview for the event.

The contest is composed of two phases; HAFTR students competed in both. The first phase involves “Original French Poetry,” written by the students. The second phase involves “Recitation” of famous French poetry that must be memorized and delivered. Students compete with students of their level from other schools, both public and private. There are categories for all levels of French, as well as a “Native Speaker ” category. All contestants perform in front of a board of judges. We are proud of the results for 2012. Félicitations!

Winners for Original Poetry

Level 1: Ariana Mestel,  “Ballon” (presented by Joshua Markowitz); Emma Listman, “Rire”; Rachel Gelnick, “La Pizza”.

Level 2: Chaim Assaraf,  “Native speaker category” “Ton Voisinest Etranger”; Mathew Rosenberg, “Soleil d’Eté”; Ari Teper, “Le Vide

Level 3: Avery Feit, “Un Monde Instable”;  Samantha Weissman, “Mots”

Winners for Recitation of Famous Poetry

Level 1:  Gabby Schwartz, “Pour toimon amour”; Carly Schreiber, “La Fourmi”; Michael Weissman, “Refrains Enfantins”; Ruthie Hoffman, “Dualisme”; Elliot Fuchs, “Le Pélican”

Level 2:  Chaim Assaraf, “Native speaker category” “Demain Des L’Aube”

Level 3: Daniel Veyg, “Bonne Justice”; Corey Friedman, “Chanson Grave”; Hannah Cohen, “Le Corbeau et Le Renard”


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