Hebrew Academy Students Return to Long Beach

First- and second-grade students of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach returned to their school building last week, after they were displaced to the Lawrence Middle School after Hurricane Sandy.

The students of the yeshiva, which serves children in grades one through eight at 530 W. Broadway, returned on the fourth day of Chanukah, after they were schooled in various rooms throughout LMS, including the gym, the assistant superintendent offices and the occupational and physical therapy rooms that were converted into classrooms.

A week after the storm, Gary Schall, superintendent of Lawrence Public Schools, reached out to Richard Hagler, HALB’s executive director, to see if the district could help the students, according to The Jewish Star.

Schall said:

“We could allocate the space. It has no impact on public school operations; it’s very workable.”  
In August, HALB came in second to Mount Sinai Hospital in a bid for a former school property in Woodmere, the Number Six School at the corner of Peninsula Boulevard and Branch Boulevard. 

Jack December 18, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Mazol Tov!,,Welcome back and please stay we need good people here!
ftptch December 19, 2012 at 04:10 PM
its funnny........... the area schools r closed down 4 these private yeshivas....... yet wen they need them...... they use them...........
5TResident December 19, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Ignorant, bigoted people like you still believe the lie that the yeshivas are somehow benefitting from the School Board's closure of the #1 and #6 schools. The lie is based in the fact that since the majority of the School Board are private school parents, the yeshivas must somehow be benefitting. It is an absolute LIE. The yeshivas in the 5T did not and will not get a red cent from the School Board for the school closures. Such a cash transfer would be illegal. Tuition at the 5T yeshivas are sky-high and are not coming down anytime soon. (The bill for the 2012-13 school year for my four elementary school children is more than $46,000, not including hot lunches, and it probably will top $50,000 next year). If anything, 5T parents are pulling their children OUT of the 5T yeshivas due to skyrocketing tuition costs and putting them in less expensive yeshivas in Queens. My 8 year old daughter lost six classmates just this year alone for this reason. There has been a movement in recent years to return to the "cheder" system that was in widespread existence before World War II - yeshiva students would attend public schools for secular studies and Hebrew school only for religious studies. As for the school "being there when they need them", please note also that Hebrew Academy of Long Beach PAID RENT to the School Board for the use of the Lawrence Middle School. It wasn't free.


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