Seaford School Officials Address Safety Measures Following Connecticut Shooting

District sends letter to parents informing them of response to tragedy at elementary school in Newton, Conn.

Seaford school officials have reached out to parents this weekend assuring them of safety measures the district is taking in the aftermath of Friday's tragic elementary school shooting in Newton, Conn. that left 27 people dead. 

Seaford Superintendent of Schools Brian Conboy and the board of education addressed a letter to district families following the shooting spree, which took the life of 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A portion of the letter posted on the district's website this weekend reads: 

"The tragedy in Newtown Connecticut will force a re-examination of all safety procedures in place in schools throughout the country and locally," the letter stated. "In Seaford, the district safety team will be tasked with making recommendations about how best to keep our buildings secure and our students and staff safe going forward."

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The letter also stated that access to visitors in the district's four buildings will be limited and parents should be prepared to show picture identification and state their reasons for visiting. Visitors will only be allowed to enter Seaford Middle School, Seaford Harbor School and Seaford Manor School in the front door and at the east door by the gymnasium at Seaford High School. 

District officials said counselors in the schools will be prepared Monday to address issues students may have from "the sad and sobering images of this tragedy." The district recommends communicating any specific concerns their children may have about the Connecticut shootings to their teacher(s). 

"We thank you for your continued cooperation as we work together to insure the physical and emotional well being of all of our students and families," the letter concludes.

Lorraine DeVita December 20, 2012 at 03:44 PM
You need to chill and stop making this personal . Doesnt do the topic any good. I am stating my opinions people will draw from them as they wish I am not personaly making this an issue with you or about you and i am simply stating my opinions. Yours differ , i stated thats your perogative. I have not attacked you point of view nor you personally i countered reasonably and at no time tried to demean you or your point of view . not everyone is going to agree or disagree - People will come to their own conclusions. I ended with "We can argue or disagree on method or protocol but i hope the bottom line is we ALL want a safe environment for these children."
Chris Wendt December 20, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Let's go to the videotape: http://www.counsel.nysed.gov/Decisions/volume42/d14758.htm Per the Commissioner of Education, Appeal of Havens Decision 14,578, parents have no right to escort their children to their classrooms upon entering school. Then there's this: http://www.counsel.nysed.gov/Decisions/volume33/d12997.htm Appeal of Canazon, Decision 12,997, a school was upheld in its decision barring a parent from observing health classes. There is no inherent right of parents to observe classes, but some parents may do so with the advance permission of the principal, who may also deny requests to observe classes.
Seaford Mom December 21, 2012 at 02:27 AM
I find it hard to believe you actually think parents have no right to enter a school unless invited. This is a PUBLIC school and these are our children. My daughter forgot her book at home and I went to drop it at the greeters desk, which is where all visitors check in before "waltzing" around the school, and I was not let in. I think if I spoke directly to the greeter she would have received the book with no problem. Is this the end of the world, no, but it shows that when you can communicate face to face WHEN POSSIBLE it is a good thing. I just don't understand how anyone can actually believe that parents should not try to be a part of their children's education by being present and observant in the schools. The government doesn't own our children, we own these schools and the teachers and staff should be monitored by us. We are responsible for our children even when they are at school.
Pisces December 21, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Really!?!?! This is an argument? I imagine that there are parents in Connecticut who would be appalled at such a lack of sensitivity. A holiday party....really?!? There are moms and dads who have shopped for holiday gifts and they have children who will NEVER receive them. A little perspective is in order here. Thanks to all who have kept our kids safe throughout the year and now during such a trying time
Libra Balance December 22, 2012 at 09:42 PM
It's great that precautions are being taken. In our school district East Meadow, we didnt even receive any safety advising letters or the issue wasn't even addressed. That really strikes us in shock. I hope schools throughout Long Island takes safety measures. Yes I agree we need better security an armed guard and yes we need to show ID. No one should be able to walk in the school whenever they please a side from having to pick up a sick child or dropping off lunch etc or picking up their child for a doctors appt. we want our children to be safe when in school. So cameras, armed guard, security, metal detectors should be in every school. Why have all those things in an airport when 200 or so people boarding a flight. The same concept for schools kids. There are way more kids in the school, we need to be protected too. No one should be able to walk into the school with a gun or knife in their backpacks or in general. We all parents want our teachers and children safe at all times. Let's be thankful for what we have and advocate safety for schools. Our children are our happiness our lives we love then. The world is full of all kinds of people we can't control them but we can control who has access to our schools.


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