"Manscape It All" And Other Great Quotes On The Subject — Best Facebook Discussion This Month?

MANSCAPING, amusing myself with making someone grow a porn 'stache, why nobody will admit to a unibrow.

Let's discuss MANSCAPING.

I can't say that word enough.  

I did a very informal poll of my Facebook friends to gather their views on it.

Sounds like everyone is pretty much in favor of it. You don't see '70s style hair around anymore on any body part. Remember those movies they used to show in school where the actors always looked like they were from Sweden?

And porn 'stache!!! Only person that looks awesome with that is Reza from Shah's of Sunset. Although a great bet would be to make someone grow one.

But I digress as usual.

Back to my results:

The gentlemen were very happy to share their thoughts. "Sexy." "Manscape it all." "Always manscape." There was talk about friction. "What looks good and what feels good are often at odds." Some people asked me to hook them up with single ladies.

Nobody wanted to admit to going to a waxing establishment. Nobody wanted to talk to me about unibrows. Or ear hair. What's up with that anyway??? Have you ever had a conversation with a dude and he had so much ear or nose hair that you could not look away? People, there are trimmers for such purposes. I know because my husband is obsessive over that. No ear hair on him.

The women seemed just as enthusiastic. "Waxing, shaving, trimming & a pedi for clean nice feet." (UGH there is nothing worse than gross feet. I mean, there is, but we won't discuss that now) "What's good for the goose..."  "It's a must do!"

Personally, I'm all for it until it gets to the point where you look like a giant toddler.  

Feel free to send me your interesting comments, but please, NO PICS lol. Well, maybe some. KIDDING.  

Thanks to all my friends who took part in the conversation. WILL be posting this on your Facebook wall.

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