Bar Association Provides Camp for Five Towns Kids

Organization donates $4,500 to Five Towns Community Center.

Thirteen local kids are able to attend a full six weeks of summer camp at the thanks to the , who donated $4,500 to the program.

“There are many kids in the Five Towns that go away to sleep-away camp. But there are kids that can’t afford to do that,” said Chris McGrath, past president of the bar association and a current Hewlett resident who grew up in Inwood. “We feel these kids should go to day camp rather than do nothing for the summer.”

McGrath, a member of the Peninsula Kiwanis, presented the check for $4,500 from the WE CARE Fund, the charitable arm of the Nassau County Bar Association. WE CARE funds are raised by lawyers and the community-at-large at various fundraising activities throughout the year, the bar association said. In the 20 years since its founding, Nassau County attorneys have raised more than $2 million for more than 100 local charitable causes, it said.

Peter Visconti, associate director of Five Towns Community Center, said the money will help the families that are most in need. Nassau County gives $400 for each child, which is only enough for two weeks of camp, but the bar association’s donation enables the kids to attend the full six weeks.

“There was a clear need, and if it wasn’t for the $4,500, I wouldn’t have known what we’ve done,” Visconti said. “Without this grant, we probably would have made a fiscal decision and given them two weeks. That’s how critical it is.”

He said that the kids have a good time at the camp, which started on Tuesday. The center needs funding to help two more kids, he added.

“I’m not only a Five Towner, I grew up in Inwood. I know that area better than any other in the world,” McGrath said. “Those kids have a great need, and I’m glad the WE CARE Fund was able to help them out this summer.”


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