Holiday Gifts for the Gourmand [SPONSORED]

We rounded up the must-have items for the chef or food lover in your family.

Credit: Loganville Patch
Credit: Loganville Patch

Written by Beth Geraci

Fancy blender? Check. Cast iron pan? Check. Food processor? Double check.

Holiday shopping for the cook who has everything can be daunting.

But you’ve got options—and lots of them—to delight the foodie on your list. From electronics to books, the chef in your family is sure to love these recommendations:

The Perfect Present: Sony Xperia® Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition

Why it’s Wow-Worthy: Sony created the perfect sous chef. This made-for-the-kitchen version of its popular high-definition tablet comes complete with a wireless cooking thermometer, food-related apps, a shopping list organizer, and 260 pre-loaded international recipes from the likes of Saveur magazine. And just like its sibling, the Tablet Z kitchen edition is ultra-thin, durable and water-resistant. All it can’t do, unfortunately, is the dishes.

The Perfect Present: Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

Why it’s Wow-Worthy: The celeb chef’s new oven roasts a turkey in less than an hour. (Seriously.) If that’s not enough of a selling point, then we don’t know what is. The oven’s low-pressure compartment directs heat to exactly the right place, cooking other meats evenly and faster. It also seals in flavor and moisture, so you don’t have to baste.

The Perfect Present: Williams-Sonoma DIY Cheesemaking Kits

Why it’s Wow-Worthy: Forget DIY beer making. Williams-Sonoma has joined the artisanal fray with a selection of do-it-yourself kits that allow home chefs to craft their own goat, mozzarella and other cheeses in less than an hour with nothing more than a few utensils and some milk. Brace yourself for the compliments.

The Perfect Present: A Good Knife

Why it’s Wow-Worthy: A cook isn’t really a cook without a sharp knife. It’s hard to go wrong with one of the world’s most popular and versatile knives—a Wusthof chef's knife. The cutting-edge (pun intended) blade makes chopping and slicing a breeze, reducing prep time. It’s forged from high-carbon steel that’s resistant to stains and corrosion.

The Perfect Present: A Cookbook or Food Memoir

Why it’s Wow-Worthy: Splurge on a cookbook that matches your loved one’s palate, or opt for a food-related title by culinary world darling Michael Ruhlman. Ruhlman’s Ruhlman's Twenty is a kitchen standby, while his new book explores the goodness of schmaltz.


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