Dr. Murray Vindaloo
Dr. Murray Vindaloo is a Doctor of Journalism, an acclaimed expert of and extensive writer about the Indian region of Kashmir.  The son of a Pujabi Prince, successful business titan and world-explorer - Prince Chutney Vindaloo - and an American Jewish gemologist - Penina Nuckel, proprietor of  "P. Nuckel and Company," with showrooms in Mumbai,India, Ramat Gan, Israel, and Los Angeles, CA.
The beneficiary of an ecclectic education at The French Academy, Oxford and Princeton, Dr. Murray Vindaloo is a member of the prestigious Order of the Arch Du Triumph and is a 32nd Degree Mason and has been awarded an Honorary Knighthood by the Queen of England. Dr. Vindaloo is a resident of The Five Towns, residing in Hewlett Harbour, and splits his time here, at his wildlife preserve ranch near the Kashmir Region in India and at his apartment in Tel Aviv. Fluent in English, Punjabi and Hebrew, and even a smattering of Yiddish, Dr. Vindaloo is an avid photographer, traveler and expert in Indian Kosher Cuisine.
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